The First Celebration of Coffee Community in Iran

After 2 years of consecutive in the culture of coffee and trained barista holding communitty and various competitions in the country and the activities of the boarding team ibg in Iran and Ali Ghanbari and Leila Ghanbari dear in the United States last year were able to national bodie World Association events Coffee wbc to our activities in Iran recognition and global relevance of holding the first competition of the national barista with exemplary quality and enthusiasm of the Iranian barista ,barista competitions took place, we were able in 2015 seattle usa world premiere experience and the introduction of the international community for a new generation of coffee and barista and coffee drinking upcoming events in iran
We tried to introduce professional barista in all of our pandemic and a program called the barista camp and we travelled to different parts of iran to discover talent people and start barista training and we were able to play an important role in the culture of coffee drinking and the introduction of the international community coffee barista and coffee drinking and going forward to the new generation in Iran, we have followed the same program in the days before the celebration of the first and largest Iranian coffee house with glory as possible with more than 800 guests, all activists of coffee and A barista occasion of the first anniversary of Iran’s membership in the World Coffee wce day held Scheduled to come into operation next year, probably in mid feb national barista championship for the second year Iran can hold the hope that this year, like last year we called in the best possible way barista competitions dignity and the global community to hold in the near future the phenomenon of the global community